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Drying persimmons

1. Fruit selection: Choose mature, well-shaped persimmons with no vertical grooves, high sugar content, few or no seeds.

2. Peeling: After cleaning, peel off the persimmon skin in a circular motion until the flesh is smooth.

3. Drying:

(1) Put the peeled and clean persimmons into the tray, place them on the cart, push them into the dryer room, and start drying.

(2) Set the drying process parameters of persimmon cake, the initial temperature is set to 45℃, the humidity is set to 60%, drying for 10 hours, push out the drying room to soften, and then knead and massage the persimmon once to make the persimmon flesh loose, but It can't be squeezed, it is usually kneaded while rotating.

(3) The persimmon cake enters the drying room for the second time. The drying temperature is set to 40℃, the humidity is controlled at 38%, and the drying time is set to 12 hours. When the time is up, the machine will automatically stop working. To soften, knead and massage the persimmon fruit at the same time.

(4) The persimmon cake enters the drying room again, and the drying temperature is set to 35°C for 8 hours. Push out the drying room, continue to gently massage and knead to make it into a pie, and then the drying can be completed.

4. Frost reduction: The dried persimmons are separated by dried persimmon skins, layered in a ceramic urn, and then sealed to make the surface condensed with hoarfrost.

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