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Higher quality, larger enterprise, and more famous brand.

Located in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, Drytech (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the most professional Heat Pump Dryer manufacturer of China.

Reform is essential to the development of an enterprise, while quality indicating the future of the enterprise. Since its inception, Drytech (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced advanced heat pump production and management technology, built high temperature heat pump units with excellent quality and superior performance, and provided customers with professional solutions and product systems, to create the most perfect and premium service experience for customers.

Over the years, the company has been adhering to the "Credibility first & Customer first" principle, in diligent and pragmatic spirit, with sincere and perfect after-sales service and sound quality system, to meet the multi-level and diversified needs of our customers for personalization and customization.

With extensive Heat Pump Dryer manufacturing experience and perfect talent reserve mechanism, the Company has won many patents and honor. Drytech's products have passed the CCC, ISO, and CE certification.

At present, the Company's main products are High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer, High Temperature Dehumidifier Dryer, Water-Cooled Dehumidifier, and PTC Dryer.

Drytech has been always pursuing excellent quality. With nearly 3,000 square meters of professional modern production workshop, modern production workshop and advanced production equipment, as well as perfect automatic production line, Drytech is an experienced Heat Pump Dryer manufacturer in China, and is favored by global customers for excellent products and friendly service.

At present, Drytech mainly produces Heat Pump Dryer

What is a Heat Pump Dryer?

Heat Pump Dryer is an energy-saving and environment-friendly drying equipment supported and popularized by Chinese government. With energy-saving feature and high-efficiency drying effect, Heat Pump Dryer has become the most popular drying system in China, Southeast Asia, India, South America and Africa.

Working principle of Heat Pump Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer works based on reversed Carnot cycle. Refrigerant absorbs heat from ambient environment, and then be processed by the compressor to high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The high temperature and high humidity resistant internal circulating fan transfers heat from the condenser to the drying room, forming a circulating hot air in the drying room to evaporate the moisture in raw material. And the water vapor is discharged by the moisture exhaust system.

Benefits of Heat Pump Dryer

High efficiency

Heat pump dryer features multi-stage heat recovery units, which discharges moisture and reuse heat, reducing heat loss caused by exhausting moisture, so its energy efficiency is higher than most traditional drying equipment.

Lower operating cost

Heat Pump Dryer can save a lot of money and time. With operation cost only 35% of that of traditional drying equipment, it discharges no pollutant during the drying process, and allows unattended operation.

The quality of products dried with heat pump dryer is better

Heat pump dryer has multiple sensors to track temperature and humidity conditions, so your products can be dried more evenly with better protection, and the middle and low temperature drying can reduce the loss of nutrients and physical damage risk.

As a drying system integrating dehumidifying cycle, Heat pump dryer can efficiently dry products while saving energy.


The excellent energy efficiency of the Heat Pump Dryer means that you can use it at any time. The intelligent drying control system allows 10 periods to ensure that the material is dried. You can also control it with mobile App via WiFi.

Heat Pump Dryer can be used anywhere:

We can provide open-loop + close-loop dryers for warm regions, and close-loop dryers for cold regions.

Today, Drytech's Heat Pump Dryers has been widely used for drying sea products, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other products, as well as mosquito, incense, traditional Chinese medicine and other household supplies; paper, leather, wood, sludge and other industrial supplies; bamboo shoots, sweet potato slices, sweet potato noodles, rice noodles and other agricultural products. Due to its high efficiency and easy-to-use, it has gradually replaced the traditional diesel boiler, coal-fired boiler, and electric heater drying, and has become the mainstay of the drying industry.

Over the years, Drytech has been dedicated to the research and development of high-efficiency and energy-saving heat pump dryer dehumidifier combo, and separated Heat Pump Dryer. Drytech's high-efficiency, energy-saving, environment-friendly, and intelligence machines have been used in more than 500 drying application cases, and is the first choice of Heat Pump Dryer users all over the world.

Based on quality and service, Drytech provides customers with high quality and affordable "new, environment-friendly, energy-saving" drying equipment. Our principle: credibility first, user first, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service. Drytech (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. promises to be your sincere partner!