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Drying apricot

  1. Raw materials:Choose:Choose fully ripe but not too ripe fruits as raw materials.

  2. Sulphur:Send the sieve tray containing the apricot slices to the sulfur smoker for 3-4 hours. The amount of sulfur is about 0.4% of the weight of the fresh fruit. Spray the fruit noodles with 3% salt water before sulphur fumigation to prevent discoloration and save sulphur. For apricot slices with good sulfur fumigation, the core cavity should be filled with metering liquid, and the dried product can maintain a bright golden yellow or orange-red color.

  3. Drying:The first stage: the temperature is 36 degrees, the humidity is 50%, and the temperature is kept constant for 5 hours after heating;

    The second stage: temperature 45 degrees, humidity 45%, constant temperature after heating for a total of 8 hours; at this stage, the material effluent is relatively large, such as the drying heat pump's insufficient moisture removal capacity, it is necessary to open a strong exhaust port for moisture removal

    The third stage: temperature 50 degrees, humidity 40%, constant temperature for 20 hours after heating;

    The fourth stage: the temperature is 58 degrees, the humidity is 30%, and the temperature is kept constant for 20 hours after heating;

    Fifth stage: temperature 65 degrees, humidity 18%, constant temperature for 18 hours after heating;

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