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Drying Cherry

  1. Choose the best cherries

    Choose the varieties with uniform fruit size,sweet taste and small juice ,remove mold,rotten,immature fruits,then remove the stalks,put them in a basket,wash them in a sink or basin with running water 2-3 times,remove impurities,and remove the stalks by hand.

  2. Soak in alkali rinse

    In order to shorten the drying time,it is best to blanch the cherries in a 0.2%-0.3% boiling lye for a while,then rinse the them in a clean water to remove the lye,and then put them in the basket for 5-10 minutes to drain the water.

  3. Cheery drying process

    Step1.Set the temperature to 55℃ and wait for the cherries to drain some water

    Step2.Set the temperature to 60 ℃ ,and set the time to 12-15 hours

    The moisture content of dried cherries can be controlled at about 18%

Nexe: Drying persimmons

Pre: vanilla drying machine