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Drying Incense

Drytech incense drying machine advantage:

Drytech incense drying machine overall structure design is reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable

Drytech incense drying machine is not affected by weather and other related factors, and can be continuously operated.

Easy installation, simple operation,-key operation, saving time and effort.

Incense drying process:

●Preheating stage:

Push the incense into the drying room, set the temperature at 40-45 degrees,  and perform proper dehumidification treatment. The treatment time is generally 1-2 hours.

● Heating stage:

At this time, after the first stage, the drying incense temperature is set at 45-50 degrees, and the dehumidification treatment is carried out in time. It is set reasonably according to different incense. The drying time is generally controlled at 6-8 hours.

●Quick drying stage:

The drying room temperature is controlled at 55 degrees.The drying  incense time is generally controlled within 1-2 hours.



Points to note when drying incense:

During the drying incense process, the incense cannot be bent or split.

Keep a certain humidity. Carry out reasonable treatment, dry incense evenly.

The  drying incense temperature is strictly controlled, and the air volume cannot be too large.


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