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Drying plum

Drying process:

  1. Raw materials processing :First,carry out "peeling"treatment to remove the waxy layer on the surface of the peel,so that the sugar can easily penetrate into the pulp.

  2. Hardening and color protection: 0.1% calcium dichloride and 0.1% sodium bisulfite mixture is immersed in raw materials for 8 hours, then washed with water, drained, and set aside.

  3. To prepare the sugar solution: add 0.1% citric acid to the sugar solution; 0.05% potassium sorbate to boil the sugar solution and add the raw materials for dipping.

  4. Sugar penetration:The concentration of sugar liquid in the pulp is required to reach more than 50%

  5. Drying :put the plums on the tray,The initial temperature is 45-55℃ for 2hours with the working model of hot drying,then set the temperature at 60-65℃ with the working model of hot drying+dehumidifying for 20hours, the final relative humidity set 20%,the total drying time is 22 hours,Becareful not to spread the raw materials too thick.

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