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Drying Chili

It is the rainy season when peppers are harvested. The autumn rainfall frequency is usually 70-80%, and even higher. In this situation, peppers will soon mildew and rot if not dried in time. After a long time of research, we have developed a pepper dryer with many obvious advantages. Traditional dryers can only dry a small amount of peppers at a time but consumes a lot of energy, resulting in serious environmental pollution. Furthermore, they can’t guarantee the safety and the running cost is very high due to special care. The new-typed pepper dryer has higher thermal efficiency which is up to 400% and its operational cost is only one third of that of the gas or coal-burning dryers. DRYTECH dryer can generate cold wind as running, which will improve the working environment in the workshop. We not only provide customized dryers in different types and sizes, but also modify the dryers to meet your requirements. 

How to dry peppers with DRYTECH dryer 

Drying peppers by phase is the best practice at present. In the first phase, dry the pepper to reduce its moisture content from 75-80% to 50%, and then pile them up to sweat. In the second phase, dry the sweated pepper up. Piling pepper up for sweating is a very important step in the pepper drying process and has an great impact on quality and quantity of dried peppers and drying time. 

Pepper becomes soft and inflated in the drying process. Piling peppers up for sweating plays a great role in improving quality of dried pepper. It will force pepper oil to permeate toward pepper’s surface to make color of dried peppers uniform, red and smooth and to make water well-distributed. It only takes 20-40 hours to dry up pepper, and the number of yellow pepper is decreased. If not, it takes 63 hours to dry 1,000 kilograms of peppers at 40-60°C. Don’t stir pepper too much in the second phase. Otherwise, damage rate will rise, resulting in decline of sales price. Drying time varies with the quantity and type of pepper. 



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