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Drying Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo shoot is very delicious and is considered as the treasure among all dishes. According to the Chinese traditional medicine, bamboo shoot has a cold nature which helps to reduce phlegm for descending qi and to clear heat for purgation. It is very tasty. After quick boiled, fresh bamboo shoot becomes more delicious. Many people like to fry them dry, add some water and boil it with meat. This cooking method makes bamboo shoot tastier. Some people call bamboo shoot “Caizhu dish”, indicating that it tastes better if cooked with meat. Many people in Fuzhou in Jiangxi to Guangxi and Fujian do business related to processing bamboo shoot. More and more people have adopted bamboo shoot dryers to cure it since such dryers were introduced. 

Brief introduction to DRYTECH dryer 

DRYTECH bamboo shoot dryer, also known as air source bamboo shoot dryer, is used to dry Mao bamboo shoot and Square bamboo shoot. It can greatly save electricity and energy based on the air source technology. It has been widely used in many cities such as Sanming in Fujian. As many cities such as Zunyi in Guizhou don’t allow to use the earth stoves which burn coal, more and more people start to use professional dryers to cure bamboo shoot. 

Moisture content in bamboo shoot is very high. We accordingly recommend that the temperature be set at 30°C at the beginning and be raised step by step. The entire drying process takes about 60 hours. DRYTECH bamboo shoot dryer is equipped with the temperature and humanity sensor which can exercise the accurate control over temperature every time so as to guarantee the quality of dried bamboo shoot. 

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