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sweet potato dryer machine



Sweet potato drying process

First, start up and preheat. When the temperature of the drying room reaches 30°C, 

push the material cart filled with sweet potato chips into the drying room and set 

the target temperature of 40°C for two hours. Entering the second stage, the target 

temperature is set to 55°C, drying is set to 2 hours, and continuous dehumidification 

is performed. In the third stage, the target temperature is raised to 65°C, the drying 

time is set for two hours, and continuous dehumidification is performed. In the fourth 

stage, the target temperature is set to 70°C, the drying time is set to 2 hours, and 

continuous dehumidification is performed. The final humidity of the sweet potato slices 

is maintained at 18%. After drying is completed, the sweet potato slices are allowed to 

cool before storage.

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