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Drying process of kelp

Drying process of kelp:

1. Place the preprocessed seaweed evenly on the material tray and push it into the drying room;

2. Raise the temperature of the drying room to 50 degrees Celsius and dry for 1.5-3 hours. When there is moisture inside the drying room, start dehumidification. After dehumidification, the temperature of the drying room will decrease, and heating needs to continue at this time;

3. This stage is a high humidity and low temperature stage, and the temperature in the drying room needs to be less than 60 degrees Celsius. The drying temperature should be maintained between 55-60 degrees Celsius to avoid changes in the color of kelp caused by high temperature and high humidity. The main observation is to observe changes in the water vapor on the surface of kelp, and be prepared to remove moisture at any time. During this stage, dry for 3-3.5 hours;

4. This stage is a medium humidity and medium temperature stage, where the temperature of the drying room is maintained between 50-60 degrees Celsius. When dehumidifying, the inlet valve can be opened appropriately, and the return valve can be closed appropriately. Reasonable adjustments can be made according to the humidity inside the room;

5. The final stage requires speed reduction and shaping, also known as the low humidity and high temperature stage. The drying room temperature needs to be raised to 70-80 degrees Celsius for drying until the kelp is shaped, which is the completion of drying.

Nexe: dried bamboo

Pre: sweet potato dryer machine