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Teflon Trays

Short Description:

Teflon on surface of trays

Stainless steel Trays

Size: 800*600*40mm



Mesh size: 6*6mm or 4*8mm

Loading capacity: <8KG

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What Is Teflon?

Teflon is the most popular brand name for a slippery polymer substance called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Just like Kleenex, Velcro or ChapStick the name Teflon is so widely used that it’s become a generic term.

PTFE is probably best known for its use in non-stick cookware, but it can also be found in water-repelling fabrics, communications cables, kid-resistant interior paint, automobiles and even on the international space station.

What makes PTFE so unique is a rare combination of qualities. PTFE coatings are resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures and corrosion. The material has low permeability which, practically speaking, means that tiny food particles won’t easily penetrate it. And most-famously, PTFE is one of the most slippery materials known to man,It’s slick as ice and can be mass produced with ease.

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