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Drying Longan

Longan is widely grown in South China such as Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan as well as in Southeast Asia. Longan trees are easy to plant, have a longer lifetime, higher yield and can generate big economic benefits, so farmers are willing to plant them. Longan looks like the eye of Chinese dragon. They are not only edible but also effective in invigorating heart and spleen,benefiting qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach and nourishing muscles. Dried longan (Gui Yuan) has greatly increased its values. Market price of high-quality dried longan per jin is about RMB 18 yuan. DRYTECH longan dryer is the best choice of longan factories.

Comparison of DRYTECH longan dryer with traditional longan dryer

Many traditional dryers are available in the current market. Some dryers still adopt the outdated drying technology. Some burn diesel which produces more heat, raises temperature faster but costs highly.

If you want to cure 2 tons of fresh longan, you need to spend about RMB 1,000 yuan buying diesel. At present, few factories have used this drying method. Some factories adopt wood or coal-burning dryers. Both of them are affordable, but can’t generate stable heat due to unstable heat power and need attending. Some other factories use boiler or steam dryers. Longan dried by such dryers has a good appearance with higher drying and human cost.

DRYTECH longan dryer can dry fresh longan up at 60°C within 20-25 hours. First, set the temperature higher so as to remove moisture quickly; second, reduce the temperature; at last raise the temperature on a gradual basis. In the second phase, keep the lower temperature for several hours to make water ooze from inner part to the surface. After that, raise the temperature to dry it up. The dried longan is has high quality and a good appearance. DRYTECH dryer doesn’t need any coal, wood, boilers and steam but a small amount of electricity to drive its compressor to generate the necessary high temperature. DRYTECH dryer is not only safe and environmental, but also generates no pollution and emissions. In addition, it is energy-efficient and unattended when running on a fully-automated basis. It is the upgrade version of traditional longan drying equipment and fruit drying equipment.




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